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There is an undeniable absurdity to the existence of a surf shop in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon.  Hawaiians would say, Bend is “Way Up Mauka”, or toward the mountains. But in the words of surfer Gerry Lopez, “Surf is where you find it.”

The Bend Surf story started with Dave Chun needing a board to surf the river wave at the Bend Whitewater Park. So, he built one. But like most initial efforts the surfboard was less than perfect. So, he built another. And then another. To finance his obsession, Dave started selling his old boards, which led to orders for custom boards, repair work and SUP rentals.

Meg and Dave Chun have lived this story before. Former owners of KIALOA PADDLES, the Chun’s started KIALOA in the backyard of Dave’s parents’ home in Kailua, Hawaii, where they built outrigger paddles to sustain their outrigger paddling lifestyle. In 1992, the Chun’s moved KIALOA to Bend, Oregon and grew the company to have worldwide sales in SUP boards, SUP paddles, dragon boat and outrigger paddles.

Bend Surf is a continuation of life on the water where Meg, Dave, nephew Jack and with mentor Gerry lurking in the shadows, continue to blur the line between work and play.

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