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Brandon BattenCannabax Wax/Local Surfer
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I was ready to upgrade to a fiberglass surfboard for the river wave after riding a foam board for some time. I had been looking into local shapers and asking around and then one morning I saw a guy on the wave with a board like I had never seen. This guy was Dave Chun, a local surfer who was shaping Asymmetrical surfboards in town. I had asked him if I can try it out; one ride and I was sold! From there we met for coffee to talk about the board dimensions and let his creativity take care of the rest. He shaped a fish style swallow tail board with an off-set thruster fin box setup. 2 fins on my heel side for power and snappiness and one fin on my toe side for a more graceful turn. Dave is a true craftsmen and dedicates himself to the creative art direction of each board he shapes. If you're in the market for a river surfboard do yourself a favor and support one of our local legends!
Spencer BLocal Surfer
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Professional, community oriented, and highly knowledgeable. Dave at Bend Surf and Paddle is my go to for board repair and all your surf/SUP needs. You'll likely see him out ripping on the river too! Every time I walk into the shop I feel like family. Dave has a passion for learning and creating. It shows in his board designs as he takes all details into consideration and is always innovating.
ShenandoahLocal Surfer
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I've had my river surfboard repaired by Dave a couple times and I couldn't be happier with the work he's done. The board has been as good as new once he was done with it. Dave was up front about what the repairs would cost, checked in with me once he cut the board open and knew for sure what the job would take, and sent me pictures along the way. Plus he's a great guy. Highly recommended.
SullyLocal Surfer
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I really enjoy riding the river wave on my Dave Chun Asymmetrical board. It is shaped for a goofy foot rider and has 3 fin boxes;1 on the toeside, and two off the heelside. i prefer to run it as a twin fin, as it's a bit more nimble and quick. However, it is very responsive by design, and it rides loose in the tail, but stable up front. even the slightest heel pressure off the back foot will direct the board down the line.
Zoe RoyLocal Surfer
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I've been lucky enough to try quite a few of Dave's boards and have loved them! My current board is speedy fast (aka rips) across the wave, turns on dime, light, nicely balanced, looks awesome, and fits perfectly under my arm which is ideal for riding my bike down to the wave!

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