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Gerry Lopez RiverBoat

Gerry Lopez RiverBoat

Previous Next Gerry Lopez Surftech River Boat I knew it was a river surfboard when I saw it leaning on Gerry’s shaping room wall. When he told me that it was a master model for a Surftech soft-top river surfboard, I immediately said I wanted to sell it. We tested the prototype daily on the […]

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White Riverboard with Blue pinstripe

Wai Surfboard

Previous Next Wai Surfboard Wai, pronounced with a ‘V’, means water in Hawaiian. Although I haven’t lived in Hawaii for over 30 years, my roots run deep. My passion for paddle making brought me to Bend, OR in 1992 and little did I know, a piece of Hawaii would follow me. In 2015 Bend opened

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White Asym Riverboard with Green Pinstripe

Asymmetrical Surfboard

Previous Next asymmetrical surfboard Surfing is a form of self-expression and the Asymmetrical surfboard is simply an avenue in the quest for harmony between surfer and wave. Asymmetric design is related to the biomechanics of the body, which bends very well in one direction – towards the toes, and not so well in the other

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