Wai Surfboard

Wai, pronounced with a ‘V’, means water in Hawaiian. Although I haven’t lived in Hawaii for over 30 years, my roots run deep. My passion for paddle making brought me to Bend, OR in 1992 and little did I know, a piece of Hawaii would follow me. In 2015 Bend opened the whitewater park, which includes the river wave. From the moment I tried it… I fell in love. I knew this was my second calling.

The Wai Surfboard is my hand shaped interpretation of the Surftech Gerry Lopez River Boat.  The Wai, built like a traditional shortboard, is lighter and more responsive than the soft-top River Boat.

The standard Wai is a 4’-10” X 19” X 2 ¼”, swallow tail, twin fin. Customization is available at an additional charge.

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