asymmetrical surfboard

Surfing is a form of self-expression and the Asymmetrical surfboard is simply an avenue in the quest for harmony between surfer and wave. Asymmetric design is related to the biomechanics of the body, which bends very well in one direction – towards the toes, and not so well in the other – towards the heel.  In some sense it could be asked why the Asym is not the standard.

The assumption is often made that an Asymmetrical surfboard will veer right or left, but asymmetry is not the absence of balance in a design.  Surfboards are ridden on a rail, like the edge on a ski or snowboard. As the rails on an Asym can be tailored to the differences between the heel and toe asymmetry, it is amazing how natural an Asym feels.

Freed from symmetry there are unlimited possibilities in an Asym design. – Dave Chun

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